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Golden wheatfields - Elen

I have to say this is probably a favorite character portrait of mine in a long time.

Elen/Elenor is Rilah's close friend. She came about after I've written my old first draft, and I've been preparing her character for the coming reboot. But even though I tried sketching her on an occasion I just was not feeling it. And then suddenly a couple weeks ago on the way home she finally came to me. I saw the big, green, doe eyes, the hair the face, and had to draw her as soon as I got home.

Initially she played a role of house-help-turn-close-friend by proximity, but I've been mulling over other ideas too.
She's got a good eye for emotions of others can can often pull out what Rilah does not want to face or admit, bit of a mouth-off if someone bugs her but generally helpful and chill to be around.